Global Supply Chain Management (Advanced Certificate)

Supply chain management addresses the integrated management of the set of value-added activities from product development, through material procurement from vendors, through manufacturing and distribution of the good to the final customer. Global Logistics is one of the sectors designated by the State of New York as critical to the economic development of Western New York. Students who complete the Global Supply Chain Management Certificate will gain theoretical, integration, and conceptual skills that can help advance their career. Upon completion, the courses and credit hours earned can also be applied to the requirements for the Master of Business Administration program. 

Upon completion of the Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management, students will:

  • Develop an integrated understanding an organization’s supply chain and how careful management of the value chain can lead to a competitive advantage.
  • Obtain knowledge about the movement of products, goods, and services and how logistical planning supports the marketing and management functions.
  • Develop quantitative analytical skills and advanced capabilities with Excel


Preparatory Courses 1
ECO 503Statistics for Managers with Excel3
MKT 604Marketing Management3
Required Courses
MGT 607Operations Management & Sustainability 23
MGT 642Global Supply Chain Management3
MKT 633Global Logistics and Transportation3
Total Credits15

Up to 6 credit hours of preparatory courses can be waived depending upon prior course work.  Student transcripts will be evaluated by the Director of Graduate Business Programs.


Students can be waived out of MGT 607 and can substitute the following courses:  ACC 707, ECO 609, FIN 622, MGT 668, MGT 645, MGT 673, or MKT 632.  However, the students cannot substitute for MGT 607 a course that they completed as part of the Canisius MBA.  


First Year
ECO 503MGT 607
MKT 604 
Second Year
MGT 642MKT 633